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Cambodia: Royal Music

Various Artists
Cambodia: Royal Music The roots of Cambodian music trace back to the ninth century and the establishment of the Khmer Empire. Cambodian music was based on systems that originated in the local culture, using instruments indigenous to the Indo-Chinese peninsula like bronze gongs and bamboo xylophones. Contemporary Cambodian orchestras are modest compared to the Khmer Empire era grand ensembles, which sometimes featured hundreds of musicians, but they remain reflective of the musical art form.

This 1971 recording features sacred royal Khmer music performed by ensembles of the Royal Palace orchestra and choir. The liner notes describe the origins of Cambodian (Khmer) music and the important role played by the Royal Palace in its preservation and performance. The liner notes also provide a brief description of each of the compositions.

Track Listing

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Buong Suong: Sathukar, Krao Nay, Kom Vean, Rour, Preah Thong, Phleng Chhar, Banchos, Phleng Lea, Phleng Smoeu, Yani, Phleng Klom, Choeut, Long Song Mon, Reay, Choeut Chhoeung, Reu Reay, Khop Khat, Choeut Chhing Pinpeat orchestra of the Royal Ballet and choirs of the Royal Palace 28:33
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Hang Meas (The Sacred Golden Bird) Mohori orchestra and choirs of the Royal Palace 10:09
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Pey ke^o Orchestra of the Royal Palace 02:49
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Salamar Khlang khe^k Orchestra of the Royal Palace 03:41
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Phat Cheay and Sampong Phleng kar orchestra of the Royal Palace 06:34
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Soy Sar Kat Ek Sam At 01:51