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Computer Music

Various Artists
Computer Music

Computer Music serves as the official musical documentation of the November 1981 International Computer Music Conference, held at North Texas State University in Denton, Texas. The album features five compositions with music that ranges from electronic sounds to female vocals, flute and horns, stringed instruments, and percussion. The composers include Larry Austin, whose early works were recorded with the help of Leonard Bernstein; Bruce Pennycook, who now teaches music at the Butler School of Music; and John Celona, a music professor at the University of Victoria (Canada). Computer Music marks an era of electronic music where new sounds were frequently created and the genre was evolving at a rapid pace. Liner notes include a description of the album cover art and notes on the Computer Music Conference.

Track Listing

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Prisms Stanley Haynes 7:45
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Canadian Coastlines Larry Austin 10:07
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Any Resemblance Charles Dodge 7:54
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Music in Circular Motions John Celona 10:21
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Speeches for Dr. Frankenstein Bruce Pennycook 8:14