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The Lush Sweet Land of Ponnivala

The Lush Sweet Land of Ponnivala

This song features utukkai drum and jalra (finger cymbal) accompaniment. The lead singer articulates the content and keeps the rhythm with his finger cymbals. An assistant plays the drum and answers the lead singer by saying yes and (at times) repeating a few of the leader's key words.

After some time the king and queen take their young baby daughter to the temple of the local goddess (Celatta). There they lay the babe at the feet of the temple image and pay their respects. This is the child's first introduction to the family temple. this is immediately followed by the song in except 6. All the world (and especially the lands of the local kingdom) are understood to prosper when the goddess is well respected and regularly worshipped. This lovely song expresses that sentiment. It can be compared with excerpt 1 which expresses similar feelings. The difference is that the first song is specific to the queen's pregnancy while this song is more generic and is heard repeatedly (in good times) throughout the long story.