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The Queen's Pregnancy is Proceeding Well (Narrative about time passing)

Erucanampalayam Ramasami and Olappalayam Palanisami
The Queen's Pregnancy is Proceeding Well (Narrative about time passing)
This track features a narrative recitation—a formalized description spoken by the lead bard with his assistant simply saying "Ah" after each line. Now and then he repeats a key word introduced by the lead bard.

This is a description of the progression of time as the queen's pregnancy nears its' term. It is immediately preceded by another song which praises the reign of the king and his just, sweet rule. This first song is generic and slight variants of it occur at many different points in the story. The second song (provided here) is specific to the situation at hand (the queen's pregnancy) which only happens once in the story. Taken together these two songs establish a strong upbeat mood. All is well and prosperous. The lands of Ponnivala are fertile and its residents are happy.

These two songs provide a "foil" for what happens immediately after this pleasant musical interlude. The song about the queen's pregnancy is followed directly by a narrative in which the bard describes how the hero's jealous clansmen have gathered to plot the killing of any sons that might be born to the queen. These men call in a crooked midwife (she is literally a hunchback) and make a bargain with her to kill any male infants the queen might bear. The midwife agrees to the plan. This "Pregnancy Song" creates a happy feeling while providing maximum contrast with the material that follows—details about an "unjust" and violent plan the clansmen are hatching.