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Fast Folk Musical Magazine (Vol. 3, No. 8) Season's Greetings

Various Artists
Fast Folk Musical Magazine (Vol. 3, No. 8) Season's Greetings

To celebrate the winter solstice in 1986, Fast Folk Musical Magazine issued a collection of seasonal songs. This album includes performances with Pete Seeger singing "Cristo Ya Nacio en Palacaquina" with vocal backing by Peter, Paul and Mary, and Pete along with Peter, Paul and Mary singing background to Bob Killian's "Light a Candle." Other holiday songs include "Last Wise Man" sung by Bobbie Wayne, the 17th-century song "Jeanette Isabelle" presented in both French and English by Linda Russell, "Der Winter Hersht" sung by Deb Cayman, "A Modest Proposal" (a song about long underwear) sung by Fred Small, and Peggy Seeger's song "Come Fill the Glasses" performed by a folk ensemble calling themselves the Tinsel Tones. An 18-page facsimile of Fast Folk Musical Magazine is included with the recording.

Track Listing

Jeanette Isabella Linda Russell, Ridley Enslow, Bobbie Wayne, and Joe Kaminsky 3:33
The Wren Jack Hardy, Todd Scheaffer, and Tom Duvall 5:10
Cristo Ya Nacio en Palacaquina Pete Seeger, Peter Yarrow, Paul Stookey, Mary Travers, Tom Chapin, and Bob Killian 4:51
A Modest Proposal (The Long Underwear Song) Fred Small 1:58
Der Winter Hersht (Winter Rules) Deb Cayman & Ethnic Routes 3:20
Christmas in the Trenches John McCutcheon 5:35
Chanukah Chase The Short Sisters 1:57
Christmas Morn Paul Kaplan and Laura Liben 2:42
Christmas Meanings Lydia Adams Davis 3:19
Last Wise Man Bobbie Wayne, Larry Cole, Linda Russell, Jon Pickow, Paul Kaplan, and Peter Pickow 4:10
Light a Candle Bob Killian, Peter Yarrow, Paul Stookey, Mary Travers, Pete Seeger, and Tom Chapin 6:12
Come Fill Up Your Glasses The Tinsel-Tones 4:55