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Fast Folk Musical Magazine (Vol. 4, No. 2) Songs from the Pioneer Valley

Various Artists
Fast Folk Musical Magazine (Vol. 4, No. 2) Songs from the Pioneer Valley

Fast Folk Musical Magazine was formed to serve as an outlet in the promotion of “noncommercial artistic music,” also known as American folk music. The songs for this edition are drawn from musicians in the Pioneer Songwriter’s Collective in the Pioneer Valley (Connecticut River Valley) of central Massachusetts. Musical themes in this baker’s dozen range from love (“Falling In Love”) to war (“The Wall” and “Ninos Del Salvador”); from travel (“The River Swift”) to dinosaurs (“The Archaeologist’s Lament”); from doo-wop (“Now I’m a Contra”) to reggae (“Creationland”).

A 20-page facsimile of Fast Folk Musical Magazine is included.

Track Listing

Beauty of the Children David Holmes 4:06
Now I'm a Contra Doc Iacovelli and Tom McLung 2:51
The River Swift Joel Zoss, David Wertman, Keith Leveralt, Leah Kunkel, and Bruce Seifried 4:02
Sunglasses in the Shade Jill Turner 4:24
I Had a Dream Jim Henry 4:38
Down Besde Me Walter Strauss and Andy Reinhardt 4:31
Niños del Salvador José Paché Cruz 3:00
Creationland Jonathan Stevens, Laura Anderson, Jim Henry, and David Holmes 4:19
The Wall Al Libera, Virginia Johnson, and Robert Stanley 2:15
Falling in Love Janet Field, David Holmes, and Jim Henry 3:34
Even Angels Fall Chris Hovey, David Holmes, and Jim Henry 6:23
The Archeologist's Lament Bruce Pratt and Ozone Pete Willett 3:57
L'Histore Est Dans La Vie Jose'e Vachon, Bob Gans, Dennis Breau, and Billy Belskis 5:13