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Fast Folk Musical Magazine (Vol. 6, No. 8) Keep on Keepin' On

Various Artists
Fast Folk Musical Magazine (Vol. 6, No. 8) Keep on Keepin' On

Fast Folk Musical Magazine, established in 1982, was a songwriter/performer cooperative to support and spotlight emerging folk singers working primarily in the New York City area. The performers contribute 15 original songs in this release. Highlights of note are Lisle Leete singing an entire song in 30 seconds (“Single Breath”); Dave’s True Story taking the China cure on a “Slow Boat to China”; Eve Silber, a self–described graduate of Dave Van Ronk’s “school” of traditional jazz guitar, singing a low-down “The Likes of You”; Jeff Tareila’s song of the holiday season (“Pick-Pocket Santa”); Carol Lipnik singing the “List of Attractions (of Old Coney Island)”; and Jane Hohenberger telling her unknown lover of a dream in a dramatic reading of a “Letter.” A facsimile of the December 1992 edition of the magazine is included.

Track Listing

Ordinary Man Katie McDonnell and Freddie Tane 4:15
Single Breath Lisle Leete 0:31
Tornado Twisted Melissa Rosen, David Cantor, and Richard Julian 3:27
Sonny and Cher Christoher Temple, Keith Kelly, Jeff Tareila, and J.P. Olsen 2:20
The Fourth of July John Ewbank, David Cantor, and Richard Julian 2:52
Big House J. P. Olsen 2:53
Ship in a Bottle Keith Kelly, Brian Rose, and Jim Allen 5:13
The Likes of You Eve Silber 2:52
Bottom Rung Jim Allen 2:43
Pick-Pocket Santa Jeff Tareila and Chris Temple 3:46
Slow Boat to China Dave's True Story 3:08
Cold Iron Rail Brian Crawley and Jeff Tareila 2:26
Money Is God Richard Julian, Matthew Weiner, Eve Silber, Melissa Rosen, and Lisle Leete 3:40
List of Attractions (of old Coney Island) Carol Lipnik and Joe Cacciola 1:44
Letter Jane Hohenberger 9:59