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Paganini Variations

Paganini Variations

Written by Hungarian composer Franz Liszt in 1838 and revised in 1851, these études are piano transcriptions of six of Niccolo Paganini's caprices for violin. Paganini was an Italian violinist known for his technical virtuosity, and Liszt, inspired by a Paganini performance in 1832, likewise worked with great success to raise the level of piano technique. Though these études retain the exact musical form of Paganini's caprices, they are expanded to a more orchestral texture suited for the piano. American pianist Frank Glazer recorded this set of variations for Cook Records in 1952. Liner notes contain a biography and discography of Glazer.

Track Listing

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Liszt: Etude No. 1 in G minor (Tremolo) Frank Glazer 5:21
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Liszt: Etude No. 2 in E-flat Major (Andantino capriccioso) Frank Glazer 4:47
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Liszt: Etude No. 3 in G-sharp minor (La Campanella) Frank Glazer 4:44
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Liszt: Etude No. 4 in E Major (Arpeggio) Frank Glazer 1:39
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Liszt: Etude No. 5 in E Major (La chasse) Frank Glazer 2:25
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Liszt: Etude No. 6 in A minor (Theme and Variations) Frank Glazer 4:45