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Another Land Made of Water (CD)

Gordon Bok
Another Land Made of Water (CD)

Another Land Made of Water is perhaps the most developed example of Gordon Bok's experiments combining spoken-word storytelling, poetry, and sweeping musical arrangements inspired by Anglo-American traditional music and maritime song. Thought of best as a concept album or a "cantefable," Another Land is an obscure, personal narrative of an ethereal and almost otherworldly encounter between the narrator and a group of "sea-people." The music, recorded by a large group of professional and non-professional musicians in Bok's circle, includes both family members and familiar performers from the Folk-Legacy label (Ann Muir, Ed Trickett). It is rich and warm, instrumental and choral, and at times sung in an invented language of the sea people. A truly unique release, Another Land presents Bok at his most creative, fanciful, and wistful.

"I'm not really sure what this is - I do know that it is a study in impermanence, and I think it behooves us all to study impermanence very carefully, these days. And it's a story about a storm on an island, where I was young." - Gordon Bok

Originally released in 1979 on Folk-Legacy, remastered and re-mixed for release on CD in 1994.