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Healing Dance Music of the Kalahari San

Various Artists
Healing Dance Music of the Kalahari San

Among the !Kung San people from the northwestern Kalahari Desert region, music helps a spiritual healer enter into a religious trance (!kia)). Men and women chant, sing, clap rhythmically and drum; and when the music "heats up" enough to send a healer into the realm between human and spirit worlds, all who attend the dance are healed of their illnesses. Recorded between 1968 and 1972 by American anthropologists.

Track Listing

Giraffe Dance Song A large group with 25 women singers and 12 men dancers 1:16
Giraffe Dance Song Five male dancers with 12 women singers 0:48
Giraffe Dance A San woman singing 11:07
Giraffe Dance Two women singing 12:39
Trees Dance Young San man 11:41
Drum Dance Women singers with a male drum player 11:00