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Here at the Waters' Edge 1: A Voyage in Sound

Various Artists
Here at the Waters' Edge 1: A Voyage in Sound

Recorded by Leo Hurwitz and Charles Pratt in and around the Port of New York, this album is separated into three categories: “Ocean into Inland Waters”, “City Edge: The Coves of Manhattan Island”, and “The Surrounding Shores; Rideout to Sea”. While the three categories represent a separation and a boundary of sorts between nature and man, it also weaves together these sounds as inseparable: “On this waterfront nature and man-created works are organically connected. The boundary becomes indefinite, the waters invading the land in the coves and the land in coves and inlets, or in the erosion of piers and beams, and man invading the waters with bridges, wharfs and tugboats.” Liner notes include thought provoking piece about the “voyage” by Sidney Finkelstein.

Track Listing

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Ocean into Inland Waters n/a 12:11
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City Edge: The Coves of Manhattan Island n/a 11:19
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The Surrounding Shores / Rideout to Sea n/a 10:57