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Man of Many Voices

Howard Finster
Man of Many Voices “Here is Howard Finster’s children’s record”—so begins the liner notes for Man of Many Voices. This recording will be of great interest to anyone who wants to learn more about legendary preacher, folksinger, storyteller, and acclaimed vernacular artist Howard Finster. Recorded at his studio in Paradise Garden in 1984, Finster is at his most relaxed and endearing as he tells stories of his adventures as both a young and old man. The album features spoken-word yarns, songs, and animal calls (hollers) of all sorts. The liner notes, written by educator, old-time musician, and producer Art Rosenbaum, include the complete transcription of Finster’s storytelling.

Track Listing

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Bird Calls, Animal Calls Howard Finster 17:08
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Hollering for Hogs, Cows, Dogs Howard Finster 06:52
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Chicken Sounds Howard Finster 01:50
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Kid's Games Howard Finster 05:12
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Riddles Howard Finster 01:19
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Howard Walking, Talking, Singing Howard Finster 10:01
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John, John the Piper's Son Howard Finster 01:06