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Hungarian Folk Music in the United States

Various Artists
Hungarian Folk Music in the United States

This 1983 Folkways release is a perfect example of the constant ebb, flow, and evolution of what we commonly refer to as “folk music.” The record catalogs the musical traditions of several different Hungarian-American communities. While the members of these communities all share a common homeland and culture patterns, they also differ in socio-economic status, date of immigration, etc. Liner notes examine how a seemingly homogenous group of people create a broad, ever-changing, and still unified musical culture.

Track Listing

Three Songs of Éva Bálint, nee Mrs. Mátyáas Galló: Kakukk madar az erdoben, Tenger Partjan all egy legeny, Arvalanyhaj legedez a hegyteton Éva Bálint, nee Mrs. Mátyáas Galló 2:25
Four Songs of Ilona Horváth, nee Mrs. Miklós Farkas Ilona Horváth, nee Mrs. Miklós Farkas 2:14
Seven Songs of Gusztáv Fûlöp Gusztáv Fûlöp 6:25
Four Songs of Kálmán Horosz Kálmán Horosz 2:52
Songs on Violin - includes: Asszony az akarok lenni Béla Nyári 5:26
Music and Related Songs by Iván Dezső and band - Ahogy engem ver az isten, Egy meg egy, az csak ketto Iván Dezső and band 5:36
Medium and Fast Csárdás Tunes Jenő Bartal and orchestra 2:49
Csárdás Tunes Mickey Schwartz and Arpad Nagy 3:24
Csárdás Variations Béla Babai and Francis Saas 5:55
Gypsy Dance Tunes by Gypsy Joe and Orchestra Gypsy Joe and orchestra 7:29