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Bertolt Brecht's The Exception and the Rule

Bertolt Brecht's The Exception and the Rule

German playwright Bertolt Brecht wrote The Exception and the Rule in 1930. It has been dubbed by scholars “the best-known and most performed Lehrstucke (didactic play) of Brecht today.”i Brecht intended his “didactic plays” to show “the world as it changes (and also how it must be changed)”ii; he wanted audiences to think about politics and society, and ultimately look toward revolution against the capitalist system.

This recording, from a 1965 performance, documents the play’s first American production. The music was written by Stefan Wolpe, a composer who, like Brecht, was born in Germany around 1900 and came to America in the late 1930s. The play was translated into English by Eric Bentley, who also serves as the play’s narrator. Liner notes include cast bios, photographs. and a play synopsis.

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Track Listing

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Prologue / One: The Race through the Desert / Two: The End of a Much-Travelled Road Isaiah Sheffer 5:34
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Three: The Dismissal of the Guide at Station Han Isaiah Sheffer 7:49
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Four: A Conversation in Dangerous Territory Isaiah Sheffer 4:26
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Five: At the Rushing River Isaiah Sheffer 5:40
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Six: The Bivouac Isaiah Sheffer 5:02
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Seven: A) The End of All Roads / B) The Shared Water / C) The Exception and the Rule Isaiah Sheffer 4:57
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The Song of the Tribunals Isaiah Sheffer 1:33
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The Tribunal / Epilogue Isaiah Sheffer 16:30