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Charles Ives: The Short Piano Pieces

Charles Ives: The Short Piano Pieces

"A man whose independence and integrity stand as the highest ideals of the creative spirit" was somehow overlooked during his life. But Ives did gain recognition for his uniquely nationalistic voice and dissonant style, and late in life was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Music for his Symphony No. 3. On this recording, James Sykes performs short pieces for piano including "The Anti-Abolitionist Riots," "The Varied Air with Protests" and "Some Southpaw Pitching."

Track Listing

The Anti-Abolitionist Riots James Sykes 2:39
In the Inn James Sykes 6:22
The Varied Air with Protests James Sykes 5:53
Three Page Sonata James Sykes 8:20
22 James Sykes 2:57
Some Southpaw Pitching James Sykes 2:38