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Jazz of the Forties, Vol. 1: Jazz at Town Hall

Various Artists
Jazz of the Forties, Vol. 1: Jazz at Town Hall

Recorded at New York’s famed venue Town Hall in 1946, this album features two bands’ worth of fabulous jazz musicians, including Sidney Bechet, Baby Dodds, Pops Foster, James P. Johnson, Pee Wee Russell and Muggzy Spanier, who mixed themselves together on the night as the mood directed, creating a sonic whole that exceeds the sum of its parts.

Track Listing

Royal Garden Blues Art Hodes, Pee Wee Russell, Muggzy Spanier, Miff Mole, Pops Foster, George Wettling 3:41
How Come You Do Me Like You Do? Miff Mole, Muggzy Spanier, Art Hodes, Pops Foster, Pee Wee Russell, George Wettling 3:30
China Boy Sidney Bechet, James P. Johnson, Baby Dodds, and Pops Foster 3:21
Sister Kate Miff Mole, James P. Johnson, Pops Foster, Mezz Mezzrow, Baby Dodds, J. Windhurst 4:03
I've Found a New Baby Johnny Windhurst, James P. Johnson, and Baby Dodds 3:56
Snowy Morning Blues James P. Johnson and Baby Dodds 1:10
Relaxin' at the Touro Art Hodes, Muggzy Spanier, Pee Wee Russell, Miff Mole, George Wettling, Pops Foster 2:23
Dear Old Southland Sidney Bechet, J.P. Johnson, Pops Foster, Baby Dodds 2:55
She's Funny That Way James P. Johnson, Johnny Windhurst, Mezz Mezzrow, Baby Dodds 1:37
Maple Leaf Rag James P. Johnson, Pops Foster, and Baby Dodds 2:27
Jazz Me Blues J. Windhurst, Mezz Mezzrow, Vernon Brown, Art Hodes, Pops Foster, George Wettling 2:49
The Blues Art Hodes, Pops Foster, Mezz Mezzrow, Vernon Brown, Peee Wee Russell, Baby Dodds, Muggzy Spanier 5:24