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Uchun Dur

Jurabek Nabiev, Shuhrat Nabiev, Shavkat Nabiev, and Abdurahim Hamidov
Uchun Dur
Jurabek Nabiev represents a synthesis of two great Central Asian vocal traditions: the elaborate courtly classical style of Bukhara and the lighter style of Ferghana-Tashkent. Considered one of the most accomplished living masters of classical vocal music, he is equally at home singing in Uzbek and Tajik.

In this piece, he evokes an old tradition of duet singing in unison¾here with his son, Shuhrat, who also plays tanbur. The song, based on a poem of Fuzuli, is one of Nabiev's many compositions that describe amorous passion aroused by a beautiful woman's charms. The evocation of her beauty has a double meaning, and can be understood as a reference to divine attributes. (During, Levin 2001)