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Kenneth Patchen Reads with Jazz in Canada

Kenneth Patchen
Kenneth Patchen Reads with Jazz in Canada In this 1959 release, novelist and poet Kenneth Patchen reads original poetry while the Alan Neil Quartet plays jazz standards in the background. The performance was recorded by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s studio in Vancouver, Canada, and broadcast later that year. Patchen and the Alan Neil Quartet also gave a live performance of this material in The Cellar, a Vancouver nightclub. The liner notes contain an essay by Alan Neil about the recording session, which turned out to be challenging in some unexpected ways.

Track Listing

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Four Blues Poems: "There's a Place" / They Won't Let You In There / A Sigh is A Little Altered/ The Lonesome Boy Blues Kenneth Patchen 05:38
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Four Song Poems: "The Everlasting Contenders" / Do I Not Deal with the Angels / The Sea is Awash with Roses / Not Many Kingdoms Left Kenneth Patchen 06:51
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As I Opened the Window Kenneth Patchen 03:55
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Glory, Glory Speeches from Don't Look Now Kenneth Patchen 10:40