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Lala songs from the Serenje district

Various Artists
Lala songs from the Serenje district These recordings of Lala people of Zambia were documented during 1957, when the country was known as Northern Rhodesia. Though the performers originated in different parts of the Serenje District, they were living and working in several mining compounds, where Hugh Tracey recorded them (Tracey 1973).

Track Listing

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Muyomba walila bukeni, mwebalasa inama! (The hornbill is calling, wake up you hunters) Chibuye Matolopa 02:28
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Ba Mari' tukasambe (Mary let us go to wash ourselves) Adamsoni Kabamba 02:26
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Abalala bafuma ili batemuna (The lover has come in the light of day) Group of five Lala men and chorus of six Lala women 02:34
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Fyalila banuta Kapyanga! (How Kapyanga's wife wept!) James Mtemberwa 02:50