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Huayno from Ayacucho

Huayno from Ayacucho

The blending of the native music with Spanish influences has resulted in a folk music unique to Peru. Popular forms such as the Huayno have become dominant in this century. Huayno's ubiquitous acceptance is amongst the poorer people and they are generally scorned by the wealthier classes. Each huayno retains a regional identity: there are at least 12 distinguishable huayno styles representing the regions of the Sierra, and there are both Mestizo huaynos (sung in Spanish) and Campesino/Indian huaynos (sung in Quechua). In the mountains, most of the nonceremonial music is now referred to as huayno, and although huayno was originally a dance, it has become a vehicle for love songs as well. This recording was made at a small wedding reception held in a back yard.