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The Poetry of Yevtushenko: Vol. 1 - Zima Junction

The Poetry of Yevtushenko: Vol. 1 - Zima Junction

Born Yevgeny Aleksandrovich Gangnus in 1933, Yevtushenko (he took has mother’s name) is perhaps the best known Russian poet of the mid- and late 20th century. His most famous poem, “Babiyy Yar,” was a denunciation of the Soviet distortion of the historic facts surrounding the Nazi massacre of Jews in Ukraine in September 1941. This recording, the first of two volumes in the Folkways collection, features the reading in English of his autobiographical long-form poem “Zima Junction” (“Stancyia Zima”). Stage actor Milt Commons does the honors. The complete English text of the poem is included in the liner notes.

Track Listing

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Begins: As We Get Older We Get Honester Milt Commons 24:24
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Begins: A Small Boy in a Jacket Woke Us Milt Commons 23:15