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Relaxation Record

Relaxation Record

Milton Feher’s hypnotic voice leads listeners through full-body relaxation on this 1962 recording. A trained professional dancer and director of the Milton Feher School of Dance and Relaxation, Feher aims to teach individuals to let go of their “habits of tension” and thus improve their own overall health. The album prompts listeners to pay close attention to their own breath and muscle function, even such simple acts as sitting. Detailed liner notes include supplementary stretches to enhance the album’s effects. More than fifty years on, Relaxation Record remains a meditative listen!

Track Listing

Relaxing Body and Mind Milton Feher 13:26
Going to Sleep Milton Feher 5:22
The Habit of Relaxing Milton Feher 4:42
Breathing without Effort Milton Feher 7:06
How to Sit Correctly Milton Feher 6:12
Effortless Good Posture Milton Feher 2:12
Walking without Effort Milton Feher 2:04