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Music of Mali

Various Artists
Music of Mali

With recordings by anthropologists Betty and W. Gurnee Dyer, Music of Mali presents music from Timbuktu and Sanga, a region inhabited by Mali's Dogon people. The anthropologists were fortunate enough to witness a Dogon funeral, an elaborate ceremony normally restricted to locals, as well as a wedding procession and the music of two Tuareg minstrels in Timbuktu. The liner notes are taken from W. Gurnee Dyer’s field notes and provide description of Mali’s geography as well as a first–hand account of the Dogon funeral ceremony.

Track Listing

Funeral at Dini Dogon funeral orchestra 24:45
Dini Funeral (Finale) Dogon funeral orchestra 3:31
Wedding at Timbuktu Dogon musicians 9:11
Wedding Sequence with Men's Serenade Dogon musicians 3:54
Taureg Minstrels at Timbuktu (with Two Lutes) Tuareg minstrels 3:26