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Malunga solo (Solo performance on the malunga)

Malunga solo (Solo performance on the malunga)

This is an instrumental solo played on the malunga musical bow. This type of piece is normally played as a solo or to accompany the player's singing while walking in Muslim neighborhoods to receive alms. It is also used during processions to the shrines and during dances in the damal.

Sidi Salam, nishandar (emblem bearer) of the Sidis, plays the musical bow, also known as Bava Gor's emblem, nishan. By moving its gourd resonator nearer and farther from his body, he creates different timbres and overtones, making quasi-vocal sounds. It is used to communicate words such as "Allah hu nabi ji" to awaken the faithful during Ramzan, and during damal and qawwali. (Source: Sidi Sufis: Aftican Indian Mystics of Gujarat - CD liner notes by Amy Catlin-Jairazbhoy)