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African Indian traditions - Sidi dhamal

Various Artists
African Indian traditions - Sidi dhamal These four short devotional songs are usually sung and drummed during the ecstatic dance known as damal, but may also be sung seated in the shrines and for programs or recording. The texts address many aspects of nature and spirituality and may build to a feverish pitch of devotional excitement. Damal can refer to firewalking as well as to wild and tumultuous merriment, both of which the Sidis practice during the annual urs to their black Sufi saint, Gori Pir. Ths Sidis also call it goma, a Bantu word for drum/dance widely used in Africa (Swahili ngoma) or zikr (recollection), as such songs repeat the praises and remembrances of the Prophet and saints of Islam and Sufism, including the Sidi saints. The fifth item is an instrumental solo played on the malunga musical bow.