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The Epic of Dhola

Ram Swarup Dhimar and Matol Singh
These are performances of the Dhola epic as performed by two different performers, Ram Swarup Dhimar and Matol Singh from different areas of the Hindi speaking belt. Susan Wadley has researched the Dhola epic for over three decades.

Track Listing

Nal ka aukha (Nal's bad times) Ram Swarup Dhimar 08:44  
Phul Singh Panjabi ki larai (The Battle of Phul Singh Panjabi) Ram Swarup Dhimar 05:32  
Motini ka byah 1 (Motini's Wedding, Part 1) Matol Singh 07:09  
Motini ka byah 2 (Motini's Wedding Feast, Part 2) Matol Singh 10:18