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New American Music, Vol. 4

Various Artists
New American Music, Vol. 4

Noa Ain gives us a surreal portrait of violinist Yoko Matsua in “Used to Call Me Sadness,” Joel Chadabe encourages a solo percussionist to interact with an automated electronic system in “Echoes,” Ann McMillan manipulates animal sounds with recording techniques in “Whale I,” Gordon Mumma offers audience members “Do It Yourself” participation in “Cybersonic Cantilevers” and Vladimir Ussachevsky suggests a pre-biblical story of the creation of the world depicted by electronic chorale in “Conflict.”

Track Listing

Used to Call Me Sadness Noa Ain 9:09
Echoes Joel Chadabe 11:17
Whale I Ann McMillan 2:33
Carrefours Ann McMillan 6:27
Cybersonic Cantilevers Gordon Mumma 10:06
Conflict Vladimir Ussachevsky 5:52