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  • Education in Smithsonian Folkways Magazine

    We are delighted to announce the newest issue of Smithsonian Folkways Magazine, which focuses on the educational value of our collections. The cover story, written by Folkways’ new director and curator Huib Schippers, examines the role of musical diversity in advancing transcultural appreciation. Prolific musician Dan Zanes provides personal reflections on how Folkways artists influenced his approach to children’s music. We premiere our first fully bilingual lesson plan (English/Spanish), composed by Carla B. Herrera, which is based on José-Luis Orozco’s Grammy-nominated album ¡Come Bien! Eat Right! Last but not least, New York educator Alan Singer gives folk music a hip-hop twist through creative teaching exercises. Containing approximately 17,500 words and 200 multimedia elements, this issue of Smithsonian Folkways Magazine ranks among our most content-rich publications to date. Come take a look!

    Education in Smithsonian Folkways Magazine | Smithsonian Folkways Recordings