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  • Imaginaries, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings release from 2012

    Imaginaries, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings release from 2012

    New Release: Imaginaries by East L.A.'s Quetzal Now Available

    The music of Quetzal is at once visceral and intellectual. It makes you move, it makes you sing, and it makes you think. Sometimes thought of as a rock band, its members draw from a much larger web of musical, cultural, and social engagement.

    On Imaginaries, the group's first Smithsonian Folkways album and 5th overall, they creatively combine shades of East L.A.'s soundscape, traditional son jarocho of Veracruz, salsa, R&B, and more to express the political and social struggle for self-determination and self-representation, which ultimately is a struggle for dignity.

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    Imaginaries is the 35th release in the Smithsonian Folkways Tradiciones/Traditions series, a co-production with the Smithsonian Latino Center. Quetzal will be performing in L.A. on March 2, at Fais Do Do. Visit for all upcoming concerts.