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    Remembering Ed Trickett

    Smithsonian Folkways is sad to hear of the passing of folksinger and songwriter Ed Trickett. Ed had a long association with Folk-Legacy Records starting with his appearance on Golden Ring in 1966 and became a central figure in the label's expansive roster. He also frequently visited the home of Folk-Legacy founders Sandy and Caroline Paton and helped the pair with the label's operations. He was a great collector and performer of folk songs and considered himself a “music interpreter”.

    Trickett was originally from Washington, D.C. and taught at the University of Maryland. He was one of the early members of the Washington Folklore Society. He later moved to Illinois, before settling in Florida. He was living in Coral Gables at the time of his death.

    Ed formed the group Bok, Muir and Trickett with Gordon Bok and Ann Mayo Muir in 1969, which went on to become the best selling group on the Folk-Legacy label and a standard inclusion in any folk music record collector’s home. Particularly noteworthy was their Minneapolis Concert release. There was a touring scene of artists gathering at house concerts, folklore societies and small venues that coalesced around Folk-Legacy, and Ed was an enthusiastic part of that scene. He will be missed.

    Remembering Ed Trickett | Smithsonian Folkways Recordings