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  • Smithsonian Folkways Remembers Benjamin "Tex" Logan (1927-2015)

    Born in Coahoma, Texas, in 1927, Benjamin Franklin “Tex” Logan was a pioneering bluegrass fiddler, who also held a PhD in electrical engineering from Colombia University. Writing original songs such as “Diamond Joe” and “Christmas Time’s a-Comin’” that made their way into the bluegrass idiom, Tex Logan played alongside a host of musical greats such as Mike Seeger, Bill Monroe, the Bee Gees, and more. Tex’s signature fiddling can be heard on Folkways albums Mountain Music Bluegrass Style and Bill Monroe and Doc Watson’s Live Recordings 1956–1969: Off the Record Volume 1. Of the unique styles that Tex Logan experimented with, Mike Seeger noted, “The ingenious arrangements are entirely of his own making; I can’t recall ever having heard anyone play an entire fiddle tune in this manner” (liner notes from Mountain Music Bluegrass Style). Tex Logan passed away on April 24, 2015.

    Smithsonian Folkways Remembers Benjamin "Tex" Logan (1927-2015) | Smithsonian Folkways Recordings