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Langgam Di Bawah Sinar Bulan Purnama

Langgam Di Bawah Sinar Bulan Purnama

"Di Bawah Sinar Bulan Purnama" (By the light of the full moon) is played in the kroncong idiom by a Jakarta stringband, the Orkes Kroncong Mutiara (Pearl Kroncong Orchestra). The group has kroncong, langgam, and some European-American popular standards in its repertoire; it plays all of them in kroncong style. O. K. Mutiara’s instrumentation here is electric Hawaiian guitar, transverse (European) flute, melody guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, banjo, and cello. In pieces with vocals, the Hawaiian guitar is usually replaced by a violin. Suhaery Mufti, a popular singer who in the 1950s recorded several songs, plays the Hawaiian guitar in this recording.