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Broadside Ballads, Vol. 10: Phil Ochs Sings for Broadside

Broadside Ballads, Vol. 10: Phil Ochs Sings for Broadside

Begun in 1962 by Agnes "Sis" Cunningham and her husband Gordon Friesen, Broadside Magazine was a mimeographed publication that covered the American folk music revival. In 1974, two years before his tragic death, Phil Ochs held a benefit concert for the magazine and gave a tape recording of the concert to the magazine, with the suggestion that it be released as an LP. This album is a compilation of material from the concert as well as from other tapes Ochs made for Broadside. Although the sound quality is uneven, the song performances are reflective of Ochs' passion and commitment to social justice. Tracks on this recording include "United Fruit," "Crucifixion," and "Small Circle of Friends."

Liner notes with several song lyrics are included with the recording.

Note: This recording is not available for digital download.

Track Listing

Pleasures of the Harbor Phil Ochs 4:24
That's What I Want to Hear Phil Ochs 3:21
I'm Gonna Say It Now Phil Ochs 2:07
Changes Phil Ochs 4:22
On Her Hand a Golden Ring Phil Ochs 2:44
Days of Decision Phil Ochs 3:13
Santo Domingo Phil Ochs 4:38
United Fruit Phil Ochs 3:04
Crucifixion Phil Ochs 6:27
Small Circle of Friends Phil Ochs 3:16
What Are You Fighting For? Phil Ochs 3:07
Ringing of Revolution Phil Ochs 5:23