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Royal Court Music of Thailand

Various Artists
Royal Court Music of Thailand

Reticent yet dynamic, sophisticated and delicate, this recording contains four cherished and exquisite compositions performed with an enchanting mix of xylophones, gongs, cymbals, fiddles, guitars, and breathtaking vocals. Instrumental and vocal music of the Thai classical repertoire draws listeners into a realm of ornate tonal variations and textured rhythms. Recorded in 1994 in Bangkok, this studio recording features musicians of the Bangkok College of Dramatic Arts Fine Arts Department, performing the traditional and highly refined music of the Thai royal court. "Splendid example of thoroughly contemporary exotica." — "Boston Rock

Lyric transcriptions available here

Track Listing

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Sounds of the Surf Overture Piphat Mai Khaeng Ensemble 11:46
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The Floating Moon Piphat Mai Nuam Ensemble 8:58
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The Starlit Night Krueng Sai Ensemble 19:45
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The Heart of the Sea Mahori Ensemble 15:59