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Southeast Alaska Folk Tradition, Vol. 1: Exploration and Discovery, 1786-1897

Various Artists
Southeast Alaska Folk Tradition, Vol. 1: Exploration and Discovery, 1786-1897

This album recorded in 1980, is in part a spoken record that recounts Alaskan folktales, interspersed with traditional guitar interludes, live recordings of dances and chants and other songs. The disparate pieces brought together on this album recount Alaskan History through a diversity of perspectives; that is both indigenous and foreign. Collected and arranged by John Ingalls and Barry Roderick. The liner notes include detailed history of Alaska, as well as information about each track.

Track Listing

Lituya / Yeil / Passage of the Neva (medley) Bev Rawson, John Ingalls, Barry Roderick, and John Hartle 3:47
Tlingit-Russian Encounter / Lumiansky's Vamp / Metelitsa: The Snowstorm / Hard Rock Reel (medley) Father Michael Williams, Mary Alice Salciccia, Bob Pavitt, John Ingalls, and Mark Wittow 6:35
Russian-American Preservation / Lament for Lord Franklin (medley) Father Michael Williams and Mark Wittow 3:47
Ballad of a Dark Eyed Woman Bev Rawson 5:54
Gijux Xa. Sheeyée: Song of the Golden Eagle Olaf Abraham 5:45
Mountain Yodel / Pilz Memoir / Joe Juneau's Ramblin' Blues (medley) Al Eagle, Fred Felka, and Jim Cubbage 5:37
Gastineau Gold / A.J.Mine (medley) Charlie Skuse and Sue Kilka 3:25
Alaska Mazurka Mary Alice Salciccia 1:52
Tsimshian Blanket Dance Song / Ballad of the Woodworm (Part 1) (medley) People of Yakutat, Bev Rawson, and John Ingalls 5:40
Gay Nineties / Norman Lee's Letter / Klondike Cattle Drive / Norman Lee's Diary / Walking Home (medley) Steve Hites, Barry Roderick, Mark Wittow, and Dale Wygant 8:49