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Padavali Kirtan by Swapan Boral

Padavali Kirtan by Swapan Boral

The Padavali Kirtan is the devotional music of the Vaishnava community of Bengal. It evolved from various popular and classical forms of singing before the advent of Sri Chaitanya in 15th century. The texts of these kirtans consist of well known Vaishnava poems, which celebrate the divine love of Krishna and Radha, and are musically based on Hindustani music ragas. An improvisatory technique called akhor, which enables the singer to elaborate the existing words of a poem, provides the music with a more complex structure.

The padavali kirtans in this album are sung by Swapan Boral, who comes from the Garanhati tradition of Gauriya Kirtan singing. He was initiated to the art at a very early age and today he is a leading exponent of this style. He is accompanied on the khol drum by Patit Paban.

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