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Music of Yakshagana -Tenkutittu

Balipa Narayana
Yakshagana(the song of the Yaksas-the divine beings) is the traditional theatre form of Karnataka and has a history of more than four hundred years. Yakshagana is essentially a folk theatre form, but elements of classical Sanskrit dramaturgy can be discerned. Yakshagana has been the popular theatrical form in the whole of Karnataka. In the yakshagana performed today, two main variants are recognized. The style that is prevalent in the south of coastal Karnataka is called tenkutittu. This album contains a performance by Balipa Narayana Bhagwat. He is the last of the traditional yakshagana singers, who, not having microphones, sing in a typical high pitch to project to an audience of hundreds in the open. The traditional style is now popularly known as balipa style. The Bhagwat is the main singer and narrator in a Yakshagana performance.

Track Listing

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Mudalinda ninna (With happiness I pray to you Ganesha.. An invocation) Balipa Narayana 03:55
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Poorvaranga song - Chikka prayaga bala (Poorvaranga - Oh clever young woman) Balipa Narayana 02:28
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Oddologa - O Deva Devara Deva (Oddologa - Oh god of gods!) Balipa Narayana 02:31
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Yarelle hudigi ninu (Oh girl, who are you?) Balipa Narayana 01:12
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Jai mangalu (Mangalam: End of Episode) Balipa Narayana 01:51