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The Force of Life

Red Star Singers
The Force of Life The Red Star Singers were a San Francisco Bay–area group formed in 1971 “out of the needs of four individuals to unify, share, and socialize our personal experiences as musicians and revolutionaries.” Members were Gary Lapow (guitar and lead vocals), Ron Rosenbaum (guitar and vocals), Mike Margulis (bass, French horn and vocals), and Bonnie Lockhart (percussion and lead vocals). This 1974 release, their only album recording, reflects their views of the social and political events of the period (Vietnam, Watergate, mine workers’ safety). Although recorded in a sound studio, the band invited friends to sit in for several of the selections, most notably for the performance of “Pig Nixon” and “The Force of Life.” The liner notes provide a brief biography about the group, the story behind the recording, and the song lyrics with music notation.

Track Listing

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Still Ain't Satisfied Red Star Singers 02:30
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Sunshine Silver Mine Red Star Singers 05:41
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I Won't Go Red Star Singers 03:08
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Can't Be Free Till Everybody Else Is Red Star Singers 04:56
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Vietnam Will Win! Red Star Singers 05:52
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Belly of the Monster Red Star Singers 08:04
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A Women's Health Song Red Star Singers 02:08
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Pig Nixon Red Star Singers 04:42
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The Force of Life Red Star Singers 05:36