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Arbaah Kolot

The Voices Four
Arbaah Kolot This 1969 Monitor release is the first recording from The Voices Four, a quartet composed of three men and one woman. Backed by an instrumental ensemble including jazz musician Blue Mitchell on trumpet, The Voices Four sing traditional and modern songs in a style they call “Jewish Soul.” Eight tracks on this collection are traditional Jewish songs of various origins: some are liturgical songs and hymns sung in Hebrew, and others are Hebrew or Yiddish folksongs. Two modern songs, “More”—the theme song from Mondo Cane, a 1962 Italian documentary film—and “The Feeling” round out the collection. Liner notes include a short biography of the band and lyrics in Hebrew and Yiddish.

Track Listing

Eyn Keylokenu (There is None Like our God) The Voices Four 04:00  
Shovach Yonim (Nest of Doves) The Voices Four 03:20  
More (The Theme from Mondo Cane) The Voices Four 03:41  
Migdalem (Towers) The Voices Four 02:22  
Erev Shel Shoshanim (Evening of Roses) The Voices Four 02:43  
Adon Olam The Voices Four 02:26  
Yoshke The Voices Four 03:15  
Nad Elan (The Tree Bends) The Voices Four 03:00  
The Feeling The Voices Four 03:36  
Shayeret Harochvim (Caravan of Riders) The Voices Four 02:36