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“Noche de Amores (The Night of Lovers)”

Noche de Amores (The Night of Lovers)

"Noche de Amores" contains a "Valerioism"—accordian riffs recognized as Valerio Longoria Sr.'s signature. They consist of runs on the scales with portions repeated in what sounds like they are sustained too long but then fall into the next verse. Longoria is a stylistically unique and innovative conjunto performer. He began breaking with tradition by standing during performances, singing boleros as a conjunto standard, singing and accompanying himself simultaneously, and using conga drums. He is known as the granddaddy of modern conjunto, a title that seems off for someone who is constantly freshening up his music. After 60 years of playing, Valerio continues to find new ways to approach conjunto, including listening to short-wave radio from Colombia and other Latin American countries for new material.