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Algerian Berber Music

Various Artists
Algerian Berber Music

The Kabyles, an Algerian Berber people representing one of the oldest Northwestern African civilizations, hold poetry and music in high esteem. The music presented here is used in celebration of a marriage feast and the religious holiday Aid-Amezziane. The songs mourn poverty, misfortune and unrequited love, while always maintaining a sense of pride. Instrumentation includes the ajouag (shepherd’s flute), cornemuse (similar to the bagpipes), ghaita (a double reed instrument similar to the oboe), t’bel (tambourine) and bendir (frame drum) as well as more recent additions to the instrumental assortment: the violin, guitar and banjo.

Track Listing

The Bride A chorus of women with a female soloist 3:20
The Sad Exiles Kabyl musicians 9:52
Brokenhearted A young girl singing 9:17
Alone A young women 8:36
Death of a Hero Kabyl musicians 11:46