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Festival of Japanese Music in Hawaii, Vol. 1

Various Artists
Festival of Japanese Music in Hawaii, Vol. 1

In 1962 musician and ethnomusicologist Jacob Feuerring organized a two-part concert with a dual goal: to raise awareness among the people of Hawaii of the Japanese culture in their midst, and to excite enough interest so that the Japanese music and dance traditions would be maintained. These concerts, recorded live by Feuerring, were the first of their kind in the state. Volume 1 exhibits the music of different religions, dance, epic poetry, Noh theatre, chant, and court music. Liner notes give brief descriptions of each piece and the genre it illustrates.

Track Listing

Shinto S Tanabe and S Fujino 4:54
Goeika Soto Zen Temple Group 3:53
Mikagura-Uta Y Hasshu and players From Tenrikyo Mission 5:23
Etenraku G.K. Inoue 6:15
Chushingura K Shozuya and K Asari 8:18
Hagoromo Hawaii Kita Kai Group 6:20
Kenbu T Hidano and J Nagao 6:03