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Alhaji Garbo Leao and His Goge Music

Alhaji Garba Leao
Alhaji Garbo Leao and His Goge Music This 1976 recording presents six musical improvisations by Alhaji Garbo Leao, a Nigerian virtuoso of the single-stringed fiddle known as the goge (or goje). Accompanied by a troupe of six singers and three drummers, including the kalangu or “talking” drum, Leao plays an extended dance song and five praise songs. The music follows the tonal patterns of the Hausa language that gives it a verbal as well as a musical meaning. Liner notes include brief background information on Leao and his music. "This recording will interest anyone who likes freewheeling improvisation and may even appeal to those rock fans who appreciate the heavy guitar of Hendrix et al. Alhaji [Leao] can play music as heavy as any of them." -Randall F. Gross

Track Listing

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Kida Rawa - Dance Music: Instrumental Improvisation of the Type Used for Dance Performances Alhaji Garba Leao 20:30
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Wurin Allah Muki Nema (We Want to Be with God) Alhaji Garba Leao 05:56
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Alhaji Inuwa Mai Main Gyada A Kano - Praise Song to Alh. Inuwa, a Seller of Groundnut Oil at Kano Alhaji Garba Leao 05:00
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Sarkin Mallamai Garba Kaita - Praise Song to a Chief Mallam (Teacher) Alhaji Garba Leao 04:04
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Alhaji Bella Gogo Katsina - Praise Song to the Person Named Alhaji Garba Leao 04:42
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Ali Mai Sai Da Mai Shell-BP - Praise Song to Ali, a Petrol Seller Alhaji Garba Leao 05:55