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Angela Davis Speaks

Angela Davis Speaks

This recording of Gil Noble’s WABC-TV program, "Like It is" features an exclusive interview with Angela Davis done by her lawyer, Margaret Burnham, while she was jailed in NY and awaiting trial on the case of the Soledad Brothers in 1971. The interview was arranged by the leading black newspaper at the time, Mohammed Speaks, and the questions were drawn from a poll conducted on what the average Harlem resident would ask Davis if given the chance. To these questions Davis is unapologetic and unwavering in her beliefs a "...There is nothing, absolutely nothing which could deter me from continuing to fight with all my energies for the freedom of my people."

Track Listing

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Angela Davis Statement Angela Davis 2:11
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Introduction Angela Davis 3:31
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13 Question Interview Angela Davis 23:05
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LISTEN, WHITEY!, Black Communities' Reaction to the Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King from the film "LISTEN,..." Angela Davis 27:41
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Street Interviews Angela Davis 2:26