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Música vallenata: Ivo Díaz interprets "Paseo" by Leandro Díaz

Música vallenata, music from a small valley region of northeastern Colombia enjoys international popularity. Yet, the lives of many of its finest living practitioners are rooted firmly in their regional way of life, performing a repertoire of landmark compositions, delivered in their own signature style. Here Ivo Díaz's prodigious voice interprets his father Leandro's famous paseo. Blind composer Leandro Díaz wrote this piece when he fell in love with a woman named Matilde Lina, who sat next to him on a town plaza bench one Sunday. Leandro commented that the love faded, but the song stayed. It was filmed during recording sessions with Smithsonian Folkways in Valledupar, Cesar, Colombia for ¡Ayombe!: The Heart of Colombia's Música Vallenata.