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CooP - Fast Folk Musical Magazine (Vol. 1, No. 6) Street Singing

Various Artists
CooP - Fast Folk Musical Magazine (Vol. 1, No. 6) Street Singing

This is the sixth in the long-running (1982–1997) series of recordings issued by Fast Folk Musical Magazine. Perhaps the best known New York City street performer on the album is Josh White Jr., who sings the traditional “Delia’s Gone.” Other performances of note are Martha Wilcox singing ”I Don’t Want Love (The Food Song),” “Don’t Let Me Walk Away” by Rae Monroe, “High Times” by Tom Intondi, and “The City Blues” by Jeff Gold. This 12-song collection includes a 32-page issue of the CooP magazine.

Track Listing

The Great Storm is Over Bob Franke, Steven Baird, and Jack Hardy 3:14
High Times Tom Intondi, Frank Christian, Mark Dann, and Jeff Hardy 2:35
Breaking Glass Marilyn J. and Mark Dann 2:33
Roll with the Wind Brian Rose, Mark Dann, Frank Christian, Jack Hardy, and Ben Silver 2:22
Route 80 Lynn Haney and Mark Dann 3:09
Sinner Vincent T. Vok and Mark Dann 5:12
Delia's Gone Josh White Jr. and Mark Dann 3:44
I Don't Want Love (The Food Song) Martha Wilcox, Frank Christian, Jack Hardy, Ben Silver, Gary Boehm, Brian Rose, and Jeff Hardy 5:03
Joanne Little Steven Baird and Mark Dann 3:12
The Bottom Line Hollywood Dick Doll, Doll Baby, Carrington, and Mark Dann 1:45
Don't Let Me Walk Away Rae Monroe and Mark Dann 3:12
The City Blues Jeff Gold and Mark Dann 2:54