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Corazón: Songs and Music Recorded in Peru by Rosalind Solomon in 1981

Various Artists
Corazón: Songs and Music Recorded in Peru by Rosalind Solomon in 1981

Featuring the first field recordings by celebrated photographer Rosalind Solomon, this album offers a musical cross-section of Peru’s Ancash region, an Andean region of great geographical contrasts. Each 24-minute track corresponds to a trip Solomon took in the region—one trip to Callejon de Huaylas and Callejon de Conchucos in 1980, and one to Huari in 1981. Sponsored by a Guggenheim Fellowship, Solomon’s work documents communities’ resilience in the face of a long recovery from a devastating 1970 earthquake. Tracks 1 and 2 are attributed to Pablo Maldonado on guitar and Delinas Salas on accordion, respectively, with interludes of singing young children, brass-and-drum bands, Andean harps, and group chants.

Liner notes include photographs by Solomon that have not been published elsewhere, plus Solomon’s transcriptions, translations, and titles for the songs in this recording. Solomon also recorded Indian Love Rites: Durga Puja and Kali Puja in Calcutta (FW04349) for Folkways.

Track Listing

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Trip One: Featuring Songs by Pablo Maldonado Pablo Maldonado 24:22
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Trip Two: Featuring Delinas Salas and Her Accordion Delinas Salas 24:42