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Fast Folk Musical Magazine (Vol. 1, No. 1)

Various Artists
Fast Folk Musical Magazine (Vol. 1, No. 1)

Fast Folk Musical Magazine debuted in January 1984 as the successor to The CooP folk music magazine. The editorial goal of Fast Folk was to promote the performance of "noncommercial artistic music," also known as American folk music. This collection of includes performances by veteran folk singer Eric Anderson ("The Girls of Denmark") and emerging singer-songwriters Christine Lavin (the witty "Don’t Ever Call Your Sweetheart By His Name") and Suzanne Vega ("Tom's Diner"). Itinerant street performer Baby Gramps contributes "Don't Play No Andrews Sisters," longtime folk singer Jim Glover performs "Rain," and Left Field, formed during the 1981 baseball strike, adds their political song "A Big Mistake" to the mix. A 20-page copy of the magazine accompanies the music.

Track Listing

Drummer Boy David Indian and Mark Dann 6:26
Don't Ever Call Your Sweetheart by His Name Christine Lavin and Mark Dann 2:21
The Girls of Denmark Eric Andersen 5:08
Ottomanelli Germana Pucci, Jill Burkee, Peter Lewy, and Mark Dann 4:26
Indiana Tom McGhee and Mark Dann 3:34
Tom's Diner Suzanne Vega 2:15
So Long to Love Brian Rose, Mark Dann, Christine Lavin, and Jack Hardy 3:22
I Saw a Stranger with Your Hair John Gorka and Mark Dann 3:36
Big Mistake, As performed by Left Field Left Field 2:31
Rain Jim Glover, Ned Treanor, M.G. Ivice, and Mark Dann 2:42
Don't Play No Andrews Sisters Baby Gramps 2:36
Don't Slip Away Cyrus Clarke 4:05