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Folk Tales from Indonesia

Folk Tales from Indonesia

Originally released in 1951, this spoken-word compilation contains five traditional Indonesian short stories narrated by Harold Courlander. Coulander, a folklorist, anthropologist, and writer, focused his energies on collecting, writing about and recording traditional music and storytelling from all over the world. The stories here center on a character called Kantchil, a clever little mouse deer who always manages to outsmart elephants, crocodiles, and tigers. Album liner notes include a short biography of Courlander accompanied with short summaries of the stories.

Track Listing

War Between the Crocodiles and Kantchil Harold Courlander 6:08
The Bet Between Matjan and Gadja Harold Courlander 5:27
Kantchil's Lime Pit Harold Courlander 4:15
The Tiger's War Against Borneo Harold Courlander 5:06
Two Out of One Harold Courlander 2:51