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The Symphony Orchestra and Its Instruments

The Symphony Orchestra and Its Instruments

Based on excerpts from the music of Vaclav Nelhybel and with commentary by American composer, conductor, and pianist Alexander Semmler, The Symphony Orchestra and Its Instruments provides an analysis and presentation of the symphony orchestra in a variety of musical sound combinations. Accompanied by a 24-page booklet featuring detailed notes and musical excerpts, the recording breaks down the instruments of the orchestra into various combinations, all the while demonstrating the unique role of each instrument in the grand scheme of the score.

Track Listing

Single Instruments Henry Cowell 5:56
Duo to Chamber Orchestra Henry Cowell 16:47
The Individual Groups Henry Cowell 8:16
Special Effects Henry Cowell 2:53
Combination of Groups Henry Cowell 9:10
Special Recording Techniques Henry Cowell 3:43
Conclusions Henry Cowell 1:49